Whatever your age and stage in life there is an opportunity for you to come and volunteer alongside us at home or in Albania!

Discover some of the ways your can volunteer for Hope In Action.

Raise Funds

Lets be honest, it’s all about generosity! We all love the idea of children not going hungry, not dying from lack of readily available drugs and medical care and through education and support having a chance at life. The bottom line is that the work we do costs money!

We’re not ashamed of asking people to raise funds or donate, we think it’s an awesome privilege and opportunity to help make a difference!

Partner With Us

Hope in Action works with two key partners in Albania to help achieve our vision. The Lidia Foundation, an Albanian organisation led by Ibrahim Bajrami, who are pioneering work with children with disabilities, and with Richard Welch who, with his wife, works alongside some of the most poor and disadvantaged.

We are so grateful for the additional support, co-operation and encouragement we receive from many others. We are very grateful to corporate businesses who have matched the fund raising efforts of our supporters. We are also grateful to those who have so generously offered their skills and time to assist us. Thank you so much!

If you would like to partner with us then please contact us.