Where do our funds come from? The answer is YOU!

The majority of our funding comes from one-off fund raising events. However, this generates just enough to keep the work going – but only just.
What we NEED, regularly month by month, are generous, kind people around the world who will decide to regularly give a small proportion of their own income to make an incredible impact for the children and families we work alongside.

Regular giving allows us to predict incoming funds and allows us to plan our projects much more easily. We have never wanted to commit funds enabling help and then needing to withdraw this help due to lack of funds. This has been like walking a tight rope! If you would like to set up a regular amount to give right now then we have made life very easy for you! Please act now!

If you want to give a one-off gift you can also donate online before the moment passes and busy life gets in the way!

Fantastic Fundraisers!

Over the years we have had some amazing supporters get involved in some rather fabulous feats of endurance fundraising for Hope in Action. Some previous activities include swimming, biking and running in triathlons, and running half marathons and marathons – incredible achievements for which we are so grateful.

People have also donated many amazing prizes and others have dipped deep into their pockets bidding at our charity auctions.

In October, we have the possibility of walking across Albania… are you interested in joining us too?

Do you have bright ideas of how you could raise funds for us? Could you ask your child’s school to do a non-uniform day in aid of Hope in Action? We are very happy to do presentations of our work at school assemblies.

Maybe you’re considering an Iron Man, Tough Mudder or something else?! Please help to raise funds to support the work of Hope In Action and we’ll cheer you along every step of the way!

Sponsor a Child or Family

What do we offer?

It usually varies as the child or family will have differing needs. However, it may include help with medical care and medication, education, food, practical support where it may be required and a chance be loved.

There are many Child Sponsorship programmes – we personally know each family, can monitor support and report on progress, and give you regular correspondence from your child or family.

When you sponsor a child or family, you help secure their future in that child being able to access the things we take for granted in life. But it’s more than money… it’s also about building relationship. We are not talking about surviving but thriving.

We encourage you to write letters to one another, receive and send photos, watch and encourage your sponsored child or family’s progress and perhaps one day even come out for a personal visit! It will mean a massive amount for your child or family to know that someone cares uniquely for them.

To sponsor a child or family it costs:

£30 per month – £1 a day (minimum)

You are welcome to contribute more as family size/needs differ.