From our early beginnings in 1994 we evolved into becoming a registered charity. Our work is in the south of Albania offering help and encouragement in practical ways. We are committed to the poor and marginalised, the hungry, children with disabilities and those with minimal opportunities and limited access to health care and education. We stand with them in their struggle against discrimination to help restore self-worth. We work alongside families to help break the cycle of poverty.

We are multi-stranded in what we offer but with clear vision and purpose.

In any way that we are able, in any and every situation, to every person, we want to bring hope for a better tomorrow.

As a small charity, we can very quickly respond to immediate and urgent need.

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.”

Nelson Mandela

Ruth & Steve Courtney


Our Main Focus

Our main focus is within the three crucial areas of children with additional needs, health and education.

Children with additional needs

We offer support to children with challenging health issues, both physical and mental. Children with these needs have little or no support. Many families are afraid to take them out because society as a whole does not accept them.

We want each child to be valued and cared for.



In a world with such rich resources, no one should be hungry. We distribute monthly food bags and our LOAF programme operates to support individual families.

Hospital visits, medicines and equipment, healthcare training

All adults and children, whatever their needs, are entitled to have the opportunity of medical care, medicines, equipment, therapies and support. It is for all and not a privileged few. We help to facilitate this where and when possible.


We want to see all children given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Practically this may be through extra learning support, provision of books, bags and stationery, clothing and shoes.

Through love and compassion we want to see every child thriving – not just surviving.


Whatever your age and stage in life there is an opportunity for you to come and volunteer alongside us at home or in Albania! Offer your skills and your time and see what a difference it can make.


Give to a family through our LOAF programme, fund hospital treatment or therapies for children with disabilities and fund the running costs of the vehicle for the disabled.

Raise Funds

Lets be honest, it’s all about generosity! We all love the idea of children not going hungry, not dying from lack of readily available drugs and medical care. The bottom line is that the work we do costs money!

Starfish / Yll Deti


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This is the name we give to our alternative gifts which you can purchase at any time of year. They are ideal gifts for any occasion; Christmas, birthdays or as an end of year gift for teachers!!

Starfish / Yll Deti

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Donation : /

This is the name we give to our alternative gifts which you can purchase at any time of year. They are ideal gifts for any occasion; Christmas, birthdays or as an end of year gift for teachers!!


At the heart of all that we do is a desire to serve everyone we meet with love and compassion, seeing the inherent value of every human being and enabling them to fulfil their unique potential.

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Bringing Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Without the help of Hope In Action our little girl would have had no help at all. She was born limp and floppy and without strength in her muscles. She is walking now but still doesnt talk. They have helped us with medicines, therapy and being able to get her to the hospital in Tirana.
We are so grateful.

The Mother of Alkeda

Shortly after the birth of his quadruplets, Alket suffered a severe brain stroke. After a long and hard fight he survived, but was unable to control half of his body properly and couldn’t continue his work as a taxi driver. All his family receives today is the financial aid and food packages from Hope In Action.


We are supplied with a big sack of flour and other ingredients by Hope In Action to bake our own bread. We are a family of four and cannot find employment, so this flour and monthly food bags help us very much.