Royal Parks Half Marathon

Hope in Action are very grateful to the 5 amazing runners who are running in aid of Hope in Action at the Royal Parks Half Marathon! Jez Nugent, Stephanie Clark, Maria King, Hannah Dadds and Dan McCarthy are all the amazing volunteers training very hard and suffering for the cause.

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Please also join us on 8th October and come and cheer them on!

Alket’s Story

This is one of those stories that are as much happy as painful at times. In the first years of their marriage, Alket and his wife had difficulty having a child. After a few years of visits, examinations and consultations with doctors the treatments had cost them almost all they had. One day they had the wonderful surprise of finding out they were expecting a child. The first visit to the doctor was positive and it showed they were actually expecting not one, not even two, but four children at the same time. All this time Alket was working as a taxi driver; supporting his family and also his parents. In the first days after the children were born, Alket suffered a severe brain stroke. After a long and hard fight, he survived but was unable to control half of his body properly. He was also not able to continue his work as a taxi driver. Their fight as a family is difficult but Alket is very focused. With the help of his family, particularly his very dedicated wife, he has started to walk and regain a good part of his motor functions. He still cannot control his left leg well and has big challenges with his left hand, however, he is able to walk. The ability to work again is still far off, but he is fighting for more control over his body so he can start being a helping hand in the family.

This year his children started school. These beautiful young boys and girls are a great blessing. They should be a happy family. Every time you ask Alket about them his face shines. They are a great motivator for him and there is not even one day that he stops exercising and walking. His rate of improvement is slower now, but he is fighting and trying every day. All his family receives today is the financial aid and food packages from Hope In Action.