This is the name we give to our alternative gifts which you can purchase at any time of year. They are ideal gifts for any occasion; Christmas, birthdays or as end of year gifts for teachers!!


There is an old folk tale that tells of a beach where thousands of starfish had been washed up by the tide and were stranded and would certainly have died in the heat.

A little boy saw them and started throwing them back into the sea – one at a time. He was mocked by those around him who said that the task was far too enormous for him so why bother.

As he continued to throw them into the sea, his reply was, “Well, it made a difference to this one, and this one… and this one…..”

In other words-he did what he could.

And that is what we try to do. The size of the task and the volume of need could be overwhelming but we try to make a difference, little by little.

Would you join us in helping to make a difference by purchasing an alternative gift?

Why not buy…

A football to give a child hours of fun  £5

A coat for warmth in winter  £10

Shoes that actually fit!    £10

A bag for carrying books to school  £10

Contribute to a teachers salary   £10

School books and pencils £15

Contribute to purchase of medicines and medical care £10

A loaf a day for a year(or whatever length of time you wish) from £20

Mobility and motor skills sessions  £20

Classroom equipment for  children with disabilities  £10

A wheelchair £100

A food parcel for a family who would otherwise be hungry £30


You will receive a beautifully designed card describing your chosen gift, plus envelope.