The Team

We have an incredibly loyal and supportive core group which is small but at times we grow as volunteers swell our ranks. The largest group to travel to Albania was 14 and the smallest is 2.

To date a total of 60+ have joined our teams throughout the years and many have returned. All have different skills, gifts and strengths to offer. We have had musicians, therapists, teachers, anaesthetists, business people and many more. All are volunteers – so we have no salaries and no expenses, thus our overheads are minimal. We are so grateful for the generosity of our volunteers which enables virtually all we raise to go directly to those we serve.

We have a multi talented team that have visited on numerous occasions:

  • Steve and Ruth Courtney – Founders
  • Sion and Anna Williams
    • Sion spent a year in Sarande living alongside locals and learning Albanian.
    • Anna has visited on multi occasions and worked tirelessly as fund raiser and event planner.
  • Jackie Webb – multi-talented team member and has visited numerous occasions.
  • Katy Page – visited on many occasions, plus also trained in early years education and occupational therapy.
  • Ian and Jane Clark – visited multiple times, trustee and chief supporter and encourager!

And there are many others who have worked alongside us closely through the years, thank you!